iOS 12 introduced a great new set of features for iPhone and iPad owners with the introduction of Screen Time. You can now limit your iOS device’ consumption with the help of various new tools under Screen Time such as Downtime, App Limits and Always Allowed.

In this post, we’re going shed light on the App Limits feature. It’s one of the best features to have on your iPhone or iPad, both for yourself and the kids in the house. App Limits lets configure how much time you can spend on a particular set of apps on a given day. You can apply limits category-wise, or individually or on all apps on your device at once. Currently, the software categories your apps in the following eight categories:

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  • Games
  • Social Networking
  • Entertainment
  • Creativity


  • Productivity
  • Education
  • Reading & Reference
  • Health & Fitness


How to set App Limits on a category of apps

Find yourself spend too much time on Games? Or want to limit your social networking apps’ usage? Adding App Limits to these group of apps can greatly help you make time for the meaningful things in your life on a daily basis.

  1. Go to Settings » Screen Time.
  2. Select App Limits, then select Add Limit.
  3. Now select a category for which you’d like to add time limits, and tap Add on the top-right corner of the screen.
  4. Set the time you’d like to spend on the selected category of apps on a given day. Tap Customize Days to set different time limits for different days of the week.
  5. Once done, go back to the previous screen if you want to add limits to more categories or go to your device’ homescreen. Your settings will get saved automatically.

That was about setting App Limits to a group of apps. If you’d like to set app limit to a single app only, the instructions below will help.

How to set App Limit on a single app

  1. Go to Settings » Screen Time.
  2. Tap on your device name.
  3. Under the most used section, look for the app for which you’d like to set a time limit. Tap More, if your app isn’t visible on the first list.
  4. Tap on the App to get more detailed usage stats.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Add Limit.
  6. Set time limit for the selected app, also customize the limit based on different days of the week by choosing Customise Days.
  7. Once done, tap Add on the top-right corner of the screen.

That’s it. Go ahead and set a time limit for all the apps that unnecessarily consume a significant amount of your time in a day.

If for some reason, you’ve to remove App Limits for some or all apps on the device. Follow the instructions below.

How to remove App Limits on iPhone and iPad

  1. Go to Settings » Screen Time.
  2. Select App Limits.
  3. Select the Category or App for which you’d like to remove/delete time limit for.
  4. Tap Delete Limit, then tap Delete Limit again to confirm.

That’s everything you need to know about App Limits on iOS 12. We hope the tips help you save time and better manage your iPhone life.