iOS 14

Widgetsmith app iPhone

How to Use Widget Smith on your iPhone running iOS 14

A complete guide to know your way around the app

Siri Talk iPhone Charging

How to Make Siri Talk in iOS 14 When your iPhone is Plugged In

Siri will say anything you want when you plug-in your charger

Aesthetic Home Screen iPhone iOS 14

How to Create an Aesthetic Home Screen in iOS 14 with Custom App Icons and Photo Widgets

Your iPhone will never be the same again!

Widgetsmith Photo Widget

How to Add a Photo Widget in iOS 14 using Widgetsmith on iPhone and iPad

Complete your home screen aesthetics with a photo widget

iOS 14 Neon Aesthetic

iOS 14 Aesthetic Home Screen Ideas for iPhone

All the inspiration you need to create an aesthetic iPhone home screen

iPhone App Icons

How to Change App Icons in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

This neat trick will completely change your iPhone’s aesthetics on iOS 14!

iPhone NFC Tag Reader iOS 14

How to Use NFC Tag Reader in iOS 14 on your iPhone

Use the NFC tag reader to discover the right app (clip) at the right time

Green Dot iOS 14

What Does the Green Dot in iOS 14 means on your iPhone

It’s not just a dot, it’s a privacy tool

Chrome Default Browser App iPhone

How to Set Chrome as Default Browser App on iPhone with iOS 14

No need to use Safari at all if you don’t want to, now you can finally make Chrome your default browser!

Instagram App Using Camera Indicator iOS 14 iPhone

How to Check if an App is Spying on You with your iPhone’s Camera and Mic

You only need to look for a small dot

iOS 14

How to Get Rid of iOS 14 Beta Update

Beta testing not your cup of tea? Get rid of it and downgrade to the previous, public version.

Video Call Mobile

How to Go Pause on FaceTime in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad

It has something to do with the new Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS 14

Back Tap iPhone

How to Disable Back Tap on iPhone in iOS 14

Don’t want the back of your phone to perform any actions on your behalf? Here’s how to disable Back Tap

iPhone Back Button Menu

How to Use the New Back Button Menu on iPhone in iOS 14

Use this trick to save your finger from the hard work of swiping so much

Voice Memos iPhone app

How to Organize your Voice Memos Recordings in Folders on iPhone

Finding that one voice memo won’t be such a daunting task anymore

Voice Memos iPhone

How to Remove Background Noise from Recordings on iPhone in the Voice Memos app

The Voice Memos app got an incredible upgrade in iOS 14


How to Enable or Disable Automatic Location Access for App Clips apps on iPhone

Take control of your data and who can access it

Task List and Reminder

How to Set Reminders for Specific People and Tasks in Shared Lists on iPhone

Assign tasks to people so everyone can know what they are responsible for

Calendar Reminder

How to Edit Multiple Reminders at Once on iPhone

Manage those long reminder lists with utmost ease in iOS 14


How to Show Only Wallpaper on iPhone by Removing Home Screen Pages and App Icons in iOS 14

Get that clean look to show off your wallpaper