iOS 14


How to Stack Multiple Widgets Together on iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

Say hello to the Smart Stacks in iOS 14!

SMS Filters Messages iPhone iOS 14

How to Use SMS Filters in Messages on iPhone running iOS 14

Order is finally coming to the chaos that is our messages in iPhone!

App Privacy Tracking iPhone

How to Completely Disable Apps from Tracking You on iPhone with iOS 14’s new ‘App Privacy’ features

No more freaking out by those specially curated ads following you everywhere you go!

What are App Clips in iOS 14 on iPhone

Apps, make way. There’s a new boss in town!

How to Set a Group Photo in Messages on iPhone

Time to bring out that embarrassing photo of your friend you’ve been saving and make it the group chat icon in iMessages!

Pin Message

How to Pin a conversation in Messages on iPhone

Stay on top of your messages by pinning the important contacts

iPhone yellow recording indicator

What Does the Orange Dot in iOS 14 means on your iPhone

Keep your eyes peeled for the yellow -ish dot at the top

iOS 14 iPhone App Library

How to Add New Apps Directly to App Library on iPhone

Don’t let new app downloads mess with your Home screen Aesthetics!

Video Player

How to Disable Picture in Picture (Floating Videos) on iPhone running iOS 14

Disable the Floating videos if they are not up your alley

How to Enable Full Screen Calls on iPhone after iOS 14 Update

Don’t like the new banner display style for calls? Here’s how to change it

Google Assistant iPhone

How to Launch Google Assistant with Double Back Tap on iPhone

Use Back Tap in iOS 14 to launch Google Assistant faster than Android devices does


How to Reply to a Specific Message in iMessage

Don’t fret to keep up with messages in an iMessage chat. Reply to every single one of them!

How to Delete Apps from App Library on iPhone running iOS 14

Delete your hidden apps right from the App Library

Widgets iOS 14

How to Add Widgets to iPhone Home Screen in iOS 14

Your most important information is only a glance away with the new Widgets

iOS 14 iPhone App Library

Where is App Library in iOS 14 on iPhone and How to Open It

Home screen organization finally comes to iPhone after 14 years with iOS 14