Table Notion

How to Create a Table in Notion

This simple data representation structure is finally available in Notion!

Sync Documents

How to Create and Use a Synced Block in Notion

Create a synced block in Notion so you can put same content in multiple pages on Notion and update them all at once.

Table list

How to Wrap Text in a Notion Table

Notion’s Wrap cells feature can wrap text strings in the Notion table so it appears on multiple lines in a cell.

Spreadsheet file

How to Import a Google Sheet or Excel File into Notion

You can import your Google Sheets and Excel (.xslx) files into Notion tables by exporting them as CSV files.

Start and End Date

How to Calculate Days Between Start and End Date on Notion

You can calculate the number of days between the Start Date and End Date in the ‘Date’ property on Notion using the dateBetween() function.