Apple will be unveiling the iOS 12 update at WWDC 2018 on 4th June. The new update will bring in a handful of new features to iPhone X. At first, iOS 12 developer beta will be released and then a public beta will follow after 2-4 weeks of the first release.

While the new iOS version will bring new features for all supported iPhone and iPad models, the iPhone X iOS 12 update will specifically have the most interesting of features because of the device’ enhanced capabilities like Face ID and Animoji stuff.

To update iPhone X to iOS 12 you need to install the iOS beta profile on your iPhone X. The beta configuration profile is available for both developers and average users. If you’ve got a developer account with Apple, you can download iOS 12 developer beta profile on your iPhone X and get iOS 12 update straight to your device over-the-air.

The iOS 12 developer beta will be released alongside the announcement of the new iOS version. However, the public beta build will be released after 2-4 weeks of the first release and you can download iOS 12 public beta the same way as developer beta but without any cost. Once you’ve installed the beta configuration profile, you’ll get the iOS 12 update directly on your iPhone X when Apple releases the first public beta build for the new OS.

If you’ve questions or confusion about installing iOS 12 beta releases, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.


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