We’ve all had moments when we’re in need of some good music that suits the current mood. Frustratingly, we don’t always have the correct numbers in mind. Instead, we have a single track or a song by a single artist in mind. Nothing to back that up as a playlist. Spotify has the perfect solution for such situations.

Spotify Radio is a Spotify-curated playlist that smoothly and relevantly succeeds the genre and mood of a particular track, artist, and playlist. Each Radio playlist is generally a compilation of 50 tracks following the same mood as the initial item.

Almost every song, artist, and playlist on Spotify has a Radio playlist of its own. All Spotify Radio playlists refresh regularly, so you’d never need to be stuck in the same loop of tracks and artists. Read on to learn more about Spotify Radio and how you’ll never run out of songs that fit the mood.

Spotify Radio is currently available on desktop devices. There are a couple of alternatives to enjoy Radio playlists on mobile devices further in the guide.

How to Use Spotify Radio on Spotify Desktop App

As mentioned earlier, songs, artists, and playlists have radios of their own. We’ll walk you through finding the Radio playlist for each of these items.

For songs. Launch Spotify on your computer and play a song that fits your mood. To find more tracks of the same kind, double-click on the name of the song or the album cover on the music player. Then, select ‘Go to song radio’ from the context menu.

The next screen you see is your chosen song’s Radio playlist.

If you liked/loved the song’s radio and just wished you could find a playlist of similar artists, genres, and songs, tap the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) below the song Radio’s credentials. Select ‘Go to playlist radio’ from the menu, and you will instantly reach a playlist composed of songs and artists like the one you chose at the start.

A playlist radio may seem very limited, as limited as a handful of songs. But playlist radios load songs the more you listen to them.

For artists. This is the scenario where you vibe more with the artist’s style and genre than the song itself. You can directly listen to more artists that are all about similar genres and styles.

Double-finger tap on the artist’s name of the ongoing song and select ‘Go to artist radio’ from the context menu.

If you’re manually searching for the artist, type the name in the search field and then double-finger tap on the artist. Choose, ‘Go to artist radio’ here as well.

You will now reach the artist’s radio – a 50-song compilation of similar artists. Every item that has a radio would have a corresponding playlist radio. To access an artist’s playlist radio, click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) below the artist’s profile credentials. Select ‘Go to playlist radio’ from the menu.

You’re now on the chosen artist’s playlist radio.

For playlists. To find more music like the items in your current favorite playlist, first, open your favorite playlist. Then, click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) below the playlist’s info.

Hit the ‘Go to playlist radio’ option in the following menu.

Now, brace yourself for more of the same ear-soothing, mind-calming, and refreshing music you love so much.

Queuing a Radio Playlist

Regardless of the mood, artist, and genre of your current song, you can queue a completely new radio playlist to it. You can effectively shift moods this way. It is a great option especially when you’re playing for a group of listeners with different musical interests.

Open the radio playlist you want to queue and click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) below the radio playlist’s information. Select ‘Add to queue’ – the first option in the drop-down menu.

Your selected radio playlist is now queued to your current track. To clear this queue, hit the ‘Clear Queue’ button to the top right of the queued playlist.

If you’re seeking a specific kind of shift in mood, we recommend not generating a queue for the first song you play – unless that’s what you want. This would avoid the first song’s queue being stuck at the end of the queue of radio playlists.

The queue you create would stay put unless all songs are spent. So, even if you change songs and play individual tracks, or close your Spotify and return to play a new track, the queue would remain intact.

Sharing a Spotify Radio Playlist

There are two ways to share a Spotify radio playlist – via the link itself, or via a Spotify Code. First, open the radio playlist you wish to share and click the ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) below the radio playlist’s info. Choose the ‘Share’ option from the drop-down menu, and then select ‘Copy link to playlist’.

Now, you could paste the copied link in a sharing medium and send it across or, you could create a Spotify Code and share the same, but this time, in style.

Spotify Radio on Spotify Mobile App – Alternatives

The Spotify Radio feature is not available on mobile devices, lately. However, radio playlists are individually available for different items. The only downside is that you’ll need to manually search for a song, artist, or playlist’s radio. You cannot progressively reach an item’s radio like you can on the desktop Spotify app.

So, take out your phone, hit the ‘Search’ button (magnifying glass icon) at the bottom of the screen, and specify the artist, song, or playlist radio in the search field.

Choose your radio playlist from the list and enjoy.

Spotify Radio works to introduce you to new tracks, artists, genres, albums, and playlists similar to your existing tastes. Manually searching for a radio playlist would defeat the purpose of using the Spotify Radio feature in the first place.

To make things easier, we suggest saving a Spotify radio playlist on your desktop application, and then enjoy the same on your phone.

Adding a Radio Playlist to Your Library on Spotify Desktop App

If you love an item’s radio playlist, don’t let it go just yet! Save it someplace safe – your Spotify library. First, locate the Spotify radio you fell in love with, and click the ‘Heart’ button to turn it green. This would save the radio playlist to your library.

You could also click the ellipsis icon below the item’s info and select the ‘Add to library’ option from the menu.

Both methods work for the same cause. When you use the latter, the ‘Heart’ icon would automatically go green, and when you click the ‘Heart’ icon, the ‘Add to Your Library’ option in the ellipsis drop-down will change to ‘Remove from Your Library’.

To find the saved radio playlist on your phone, launch Spotify, and click the ‘Library’ button to the bottom of the screen. You will find the newly saved radio playlist here.

Spotify Radio is a fantastic feature by Spotify. It allows the user to follow their musical passion and listen to items that fit the mood. We hope you found our guide useful in understanding everything about Spotify Radio, how it works, and how you can use it on your desktop and mobile. Hope you listen to something addictingly memorable today!