WhatsApp recently rolled out the Screen Lock feature on iPhone to let users protect their conversations with the familiar Face ID or Touch ID lock. However, if authentication through the biometric IDs on your iPhone fails, you get the “WhatsApp Locked” message on the screen.

The WhatsApp Locked screen gives you the option to use either use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock and open WhatsApp, but if for some reason you can’t use either of the authentication types, there’s a way to unlock WhatsApp using your iPhone’s Passcode.

  1. When you see the WhatsApp Locked screen, tap either Use Face ID or Use Touch ID.
  2. Once you get a Fingerprint or Face Not Recognized message, tap Try Face ID Again or Try Touch ID Again.
  3. Finally, after WhatsApp fails to recognize your Face or Fingerprint, you’ll get the option to use your Passcode, tap Enter Passcode.
  4. Input your iPhone Passcode and WhatsApp should unlock right away.