The iOS 12 beta is out now and you can download an install it right this instant on your iPhone X. The new software is currently available as a developer beta only, while the iOS 12 public beta release date is expected to be around the end of June 2018.

To download iOS 12 developer beta, you’ve to install the iOS 12 beta profile on your iPhone X to get the update arrive over-the-air to the device. Or if you’d like to update manually using the iOS 12 IPSW firmware file via iTunes, it’s also available at the download link below.

The OTA method is simpler than as it doesn’t involve a PC, but it can be slow as compared to manually flashing firmware via iTunes. We prefer the firmware method, but you’re free to go your own way.

Download iOS 12 beta profile for iPhone X

Grab the iOS beta profile from the download link below and install it on your iPhone X. However, don’t forget to take a backup of your iPhone to either iCloud or iTunes (we recommend iTunes) before installing the beta configuration profile.

Download iOS 12 beta profile

  1. Open the download link above in Safari browser on your iPhone X, and download the file.
  2. When prompted, install the configuration profile by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Restart your iPhone X after installing the profile.
  4. Once the reboot is complete, go to Settings » General » Software Update, you’ll see that iOS 12 beta update is available to download.
  5. Download and Install the iOS 12 developer beta on your iPhone X.

That’s how you install iOS 12 on your iPhone X using a beta profile. Easy, right?

Download iOS 12 beta IPSW firmware file for iPhone X

If you’d like to update to iOS 12 using firmware file and iTunes, below is a quick and direct method. Grab the iOS 12 beta IPSW firmware for iPhone X from the download link below and then follow the link for step-by-step instructions to install the firmware file.

Note: Your iPhone X’s UDID must be registered for developer beta use.

Download iOS 12 IPSW firmware for iPhone X

For help installing the firmware file, follow our detailed step-by-step guide to install IPSW firmware via iTunes at the link below:

→ How to install iOS IPSW firmware file using iTunes on Windows and Mac

If you’re having trouble installing iOS 12 beta on your iPhone X, let us know in the comments section below.