The iOS beta 12 has gone official today at the WWDC 2018 today. The new software version brings with it a lot of new features to all iOS 12 compatible devices. The update is currently available as a developer beta. And by the end of the month, we may see the release of a public beta as well.

Installing iOS beta 12 on your iPhone or iPad device is one of the simplest things to do. All you need to do is install the iOS 12 beta profile on your device, and then go check for an update from the device’ Settings » General » Software update section.

iOS 12 Developer Beta

Apple releases iOS beta profile in two configurations. One is for Developer Beta releases and the other for Public Beta releases. The iOS 12 developer beta is available now, and you can download and install it right this instant. However, officially, you must have a developer account with Apple to download and install developer beta releases on your iPhone. But, we can give you a way (unofficially) to download iOS 12 developer beta without developer account by providing the iOS 12 developer profile configuration file that you can install on your device to download iOS 12 developer beta releases.

iOS 12 Public Beta

The iOS 12 public beta release date is expected to be somewhere around the last week of June or early in July. If you’re an average user, we recommend you to wait for the public beta release as it’ll be more stable and with fewer bugs/issues than the developer beta. To download iOS 12 public beta, you will have to install the iOS 12 public configuration profile on your iPhone or iPad.

We’ll be sure to update this post with more information when Apple releases iOS 12 beta on 4th June. Stay tuned!