Ever since the iOS 12 Beta 2 rolled out, App Store on iPhone has been acting weirdly for those who have iOS 12 installed on their iPhone. And since iOS 12 Public Beta is the same build as Beta 2, those on the Public Beta also have connectivity issues within the App Store on their devices.

Our own iPhone X running iOS 12 Beta 2 have issues connecting to the internet within the App Store app. The issue likely happens because of the slow WiFi speed problem on iOS 12 as it mostly occurs when connected to a WiFi network only.

Workarounds? Yes. While we hopefully wait for the next iOS 12 update to fix this issue, there are a few of workarounds to get App Store connected to the internet so you can download and update your apps.

  • Open Safari or Chrome on your iPhone, and search for the app you want to download on Google, i.e, “YouTube iTunes”. Then select the YouTube app listing from the search results, it’ll open in App Store on your iPhone and you’ll be able to download it. App Store won’t throw connectivity error.
  • Restart your iPhone when App Store acts weirdly and doesn’t connect to the internet. In most cases, restarting fixes the problem temporarily.
  • If nothing works, switch to Mobile Data, and the App Store will function as it should. However, you can’t easily download an app over 150 MB on the App Store over Mobile Data.

We hope the fixes mentioned above help you to get the App Store working on iOS 12.

Also, be sure to report this issue to Apple through the Feedback app on your iPhone so they could release a fix in the next iOS 12 Beta update.