The iPhone XS Max features a massive 6.5″ display. For what it’s worth, it’s closer to an iPad Mini. Unless you’ve got bigger hands, using iPhone XS Max with one hand won’t be easy.

You may think handling the “Plus” size iPhone devices, and the iPhone XS Max would be similar given the similarity in overall dimensions of both the devices, but think again. The “Plus” variants of iPhone featured a 5.5″ display, the iPhone XS Max has a 6.5″ inch display that goes all the way up to edge of the device.

On the Plus size, you never had to reach the edge of the device, but on the XS Max, you’ve to reach the edge of the screen for even things like opening the Control Center. And unless you’ve got bigger hands, you’ll find it uncomfortable to reach the edge of the screen when using the device with a single hand.

If you’ve got an iPhone XS Max, we think enabling the Reachability feature would make it a lot easier to use the device with one hand.

  1. Go to Settings » General

    Open the Settings app on your iPhone, and select General.

  2. Go to Accessibility, and enable Reachability

    Tap Accessibility on the General settings screen, scroll down a bit and enable the toggle switch for Reachability feature.

  3. Swipe down on the bottom of the display

    Swipe down on the bottom of the display to use the Reachability feature on your iPhone XS Max. 

That’s it.