It’s been not even a month since Facebook-owned Instagram launched its much-awaited IGTV app last month on 20th June, but people all around the world have already started going gaga over it. As David Phelan on Forbes said, it’s one the bravest update of Instagram to take on video giants like YouTube.

But this ‘bravest’ update of Instagram comes with a catch, and that is, you can only upload vertical or portrait videos. And, many users are wondering if Instagram will ever add support for landscape videos in IGTV.

Well, if you ask us, we would say yes. Yes, we think Instagram will add landscape videos in IGTV at some point in future. Though we cannot guarantee (as it entirely depends on the company and what they want), there are many reasons why Instagram is likely to do so in the near future.

One such reason is, competing with YouTube, which is also the primary reason why Facebook-Instagram launched IGTV.

In YouTube, you can upload and watch any video whether it is a portrait, landscape, made from mobile, professional camera or anything. So, to attract more users to IGTV, especially vloggers, who mostly use professional cameras and make landscape videos, Instagram will have to adjust itself according to them.

The second biggest reason is directly co-related with the first one, and that is, to make more money. Why does any company launch an app? Dead simple, to make more money, right.

So, if Instagram starts adding landscape video support in IGTV, it’ll surely attract more users. More users mean more videos and more videos means more space for advertisers to promote their products & services. And at last, more advertisers means more moolah to Facebook and Instagram. It’s that simple.

So, keep a close eye on your Instagram or IGTV app for the future updates that may fulfill your desire of uploading a landscape video on IGTV.