How to Prioritize Download for Apps on iPhone

Ever put multiple apps on download at once on your iPhone and then realized you want one of the apps to finish downloading before the others? Well, Apple has introduced a nifty feature in iOS a couple of years back that you may not know about. Your iPhone has a cool feature called Prioritize Download. […]

How to Enable Third Party Cookies in Chrome

Cookies are the content that websites store in your browser for various purposes. Using these cookies, sites can save your login sessions, so you don’t have to log in every time you visit a site. Cookies can also save your preferences for a website. There are two types of cookies that web browsers (including Chrome) support: First-party […]

How to Disable Pop up Blocker on Chrome

Pop-up blocker was one of the most excellent features of Google Chrome when it launched ten years ago. The feature still saves you from a myriad of pop-ups that annoying websites open on your PC without your permission. However, you might need pop-ups to show for some websites. Thankfully, there’s a setting in Chrome where […]

[Hot Tip] How to Load Cached Version of Any Webpage quickly

Google keeps a cached version of every website it crawls. If you encounter a webpage that is no longer available, the chances are that you’d find it under Google’s cache. I’ve always used the Google Search to access the cached version of web pages whenever required. However, if you’ve Google set as the default search […]