How to download and play iMessage puzzle wit game

Sending Wit puzzles is getting quite popular among iMessage users. Wit puzzle is basically sending a picture from your camera roll as a puzzled image to someone on iMessage for them to solve the puzzle, re-build the image. It’s a nice game. To send Wit puzzles on iMessage, you need to download the WIT • […]

Windows Timeline not working? Here’s how to fix it

Microsoft introduced a new feature called Timeline with the Windows 10 April 2018 update. Timeline allows users to resume work they were doing on their other device to their Windows 10 PC. Microsoft is developing Timeline across platforms, so if app developers add support for Timeline to their apps, users will soon be able to […]

How to clear clipboard history in Windows 10

Being able to have all your copies stuff in one place with the new Clipboard experience on Windows 10 is great. But if you pile up a lot of unwanted clips saved in your clipboard history, there’s an easy way to clear clipboard history data on your Windows 10 machine. Open Start menu and click […]

How to avoid accidental screenshots on iPhone X

Apple changed a lot of things with the iPhone X, and taking screenshots is one of the biggest of all the changes. To take a screenshot on iPhone X, you’ve to press and release the Side and Volume up button together at once. It’s easy to do it this way, no denying to that. But unfortunately, with the […]

How to close apps on iPhone X

Unable to figure out a way to close apps on iPhone X? Well, swiping up on the app’s preview doesn’t work on iPhone X. We aren’t sure why Apple chose to disable that easy feature to close apps on iPhone X even when it had nothing to do with the home button. Anyway, below are […]

How to unlock a Total Wireless iPhone

Getting an iPhone from Total Wireless might come to be a great deal. But the terms to get a Total Wireless iPhone unlocked aren’t very easy to go with. The carrier honors your unlock request, but there are quite a few terms and conditions to that. Let’s go through the most crucial points of their terms: You […]

Total Wireless iPhone 6: Why should you buy it

Getting an iPhone from the big four carriers over a contract can turn out to be very costly. Choosing the best plans on these carriers is a more challenging task than choosing your new iPhone. If you’re looking to get an iPhone 6, we suggest you buy it from Total Wireless. The service runs on […]

Apple releases Xcode 9.3.1 with a couple of bug fixes

The Xcode 9.3.1 is now available for download through the App Store on your Mac. The update comes with a couple of notable bug fixes for the software. For the less aware, Xcode is Apple’s software for developers to help them create apps for Mac, iOS, and other OSs that the company offers. The Xcode 9.3.1 update […]

How to add emoji slider to Instagram stories

Like taking polls in your Instagram stories? Well, the company just took it another level with the launch of an emoji slider sticker for Instagram stories. The new emoji slider sticker lets you ask your audience a question in your Instagram stories to which they can conveniently reply by means of an emoji through the […]

How to fix Windows 10 update stuck at “Preparing to install”

Microsoft’s Windows 10 might be fluent in many things but its software update system often fails and throws errors. One such common problem with Windows 10 update is getting stuck on “Preparing to install..”. Windows 10 often gets stuck at “Preparing to install..” after downloading an update. It mostly happens somewhere in between the 80% – […]