This is confirmed news. iPhone XS and XS Max are indeed receiving the iOS 12.1 Beta. Cheers!

Apple released the iOS 12.1 Beta update right after the day it started rolling out iOS 12.0 for everyone. Since the iPhone XS and XS Max didn’t launch at the time the 12.1 Beta released, the developer portal did not have the restore files of iOS 12.1 Developer beta for iPhone XS and XS Max. BUT a user over at the Apple support community is receiving the iOS 12.1 Developer Beta update on his iPhone XS.

The thing is that the user set up his iPhone XS with a restore from an iCloud backup of his previous iPhone 7, which had the iOS Public Beta Profile installed. However, he did not install the iOS 12 Beta profile on his iPhone XS, but he’s getting the iOS 12.1 Beta update. It’s understandable that it’s happening because of the iCloud backup, but didn’t we all agreed on the talk about iPhone XS not getting the iOS 12.1 beta?

Screenshot of iPhone XS receiving iOS 12.1 Public Beta update (source)

We are inclined to believe this is happening by error, but that would be a grave error if Apple is accidentally delivering a Beta software to anyone’s brand new iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max.

If any of you have got hold of the new iPhone devices, can you install the iOS 12 Beta configuration profile on your device to confirm if Apple is indeed rolling out iOS 12.1 Beta to the iPhone XS and XS Max?