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How to Join a Meeting in Messenger Rooms

You can join a Facebook Messenger Rooms Meeting with a Facebook account or without one as a guest

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How to Get Birthday Reminders of Facebook Friends via Email

Facebook’s birthday reminders service is one of the most appreciated features of the platform. Even the non-active Facebook users tend to use its birthday reminder service every then and now. But what if we told you, there’s a new service on the block which can import birthdays of your Facebook friends and send you reminders […]

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Facebook now supports GIFs in Stories and News Feed

Facebook has silently added support for GIF in News Feed and Stories. The Facebook iOS app has been updated with the new feature, and you can see the GIF option live on the as well. To post a GIF in your Facebook News Feed, tap the What’s on your mind? And select GIF from the […]


How to check your “Time on Facebook”

Catching up with Apple and Google who recently introduced tools to let iPhone and Android users monitor and limit the excessive time they spend on smartphones, Facebook is rolling out “Time on Facebook” feature to allow users track the time they spend on the social network on a daily basis. The new tool is rolling out for […]