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How to Match Two Columns in Excel

The complete guide to compare two columns in Excel and get matches or differences, highlight them or even pull the data.

How to Subtract Time in Excel

Learn how to subtract time and calculate time difference between times, dates as well as negative time difference in Excel.

How to Import Data From PDF to Microsoft Excel

Quickly pull data from a PDF file and load it in an excel sheet and maximize your productivity.

Excel Average Function

How to Use AVERAGEIF Function in Excel

Everything you need to know about AVERAGEIF and AVERAGEIFS functions to calculate the average of values that satisfies the condition(s) in Excel.

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How to Use Quick Analysis Tool in Excel

Use the Quick Analysis Tool in Excel to quickly analyze and visualize your data with charts, tables, sparklines, formatting, etc.

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How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel

Be a pro and use this guide to calculate Standard Deviation in Excel in a jiffy.

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How to Use Descriptive Statistics in Excel

Calculate descriptive statistics for your data using the Data Analysis tool as well as Formulas in Excel.

Excel Formula

How to Display Cell Formulas in Excel

If you need to print a worksheet with formulas or keep track of the formulas, then learn how to show formulas in Excel instead of the values.

Keyboard Arrow Keys

How to Fix Arrow Keys Not Working In Excel Problem

If your arrow keys are not functioning within Excel, you can use the tips in this troubleshooting guide to solve the issue.

Rotate Text

How to Rotate Text in Excel

Learn how to rotate text clockwise, counterclockwise, vertical, up, down, or by a specific degree of angle in Excel.

Highlight Alternate Rows Excel

How to Highlight Every Other Row in Excel

Learn how to highlight every other row or column using conditional formatting, built-in table styles, formulas, and VBA macro in Excel.

Recover Excel File

How to Recover an Unsaved Excel File

Easily recover or restore unsaved excel files with these simple methods.

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How to Use IFERROR Function in Excel

Here’s everything you need to know about what the IFERROR function is and how to use it to handle errors in Excel.

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How to Count Unique Values in Excel

Learn the different methods and formulas for counting Unique and Distinct values in Excel (with Examples).


How to Use Excel Search Function

Learn how to use the SEARCH function to find the position of a text string or character as well as extract a specific substring in Excel.

Excel Mug

5 Best Excel Shortcuts Mugs For the Excel Nerd

Wondering what a “Spreadsheet-kind-of-person” would like? Here are 5 options!

Excel Function

How to Use Index Function in Excel

Learn how to use the INDEX function as well as the INDEX and MATCH combo function in Excel (with Examples).

Excel Sheet

How to Clear Formatting in Excel

Remove formatting from specific cells, blank cells, or the entire worksheet in Excel with this guide.

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How to Total a Column in Excel

You can sum a column with a single click, the AutoSum feature, SUM function, filter feature, and by converting a dataset into a table.

Excel Spreadsheet

How to Move a Row in Excel

You can move Rows or Columns using the mouse drag, cut and paste/insert cells, or the data sort feature in Excel.

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What is #SPILL Error in Excel and How to Fix it?

This article will help you understand all the causes of #SPILL errors as well as the solutions to fix them in Excel 365.


How to Calculate Probability in Excel

This article explains how you can calculate probability in Excel using the PROB function with several examples.

Spell Check

How to Spell Check in Excel

You can check for spelling errors in a single cell, multiple cells, entire worksheet, multiple worksheets, or the entire workbook of Excel.

Excel Sheet

How to Select Non Adjacent Cells in Excel

Learn to select non-adjacent/non-continuous cells or ranges of cells using five different methods in Microsoft Excel.