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How to Total a Column in Excel

You can sum a column with a single click, the AutoSum feature, SUM function, filter feature, and by converting a dataset into a table.

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How to Move a Row in Excel

You can move Rows or Columns using the mouse drag, cut and paste/insert cells, or the data sort feature in Excel.

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What is #SPILL Error in Excel and How to Fix it?

This article will help you understand all the causes of #SPILL errors as well as the solutions to fix them in Excel 365.


How to Calculate Probability in Excel

This article explains how you can calculate probability in Excel using the PROB function with several examples.

How to Spell Check in Excel

You can check for spelling errors in a single cell, multiple cells, entire worksheet, multiple worksheets, or the entire workbook of Excel.

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How to Select Non Adjacent Cells in Excel

Learn to select non-adjacent/non-continuous cells or ranges of cells using five different methods in Microsoft Excel.

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How to Fix #NAME Error in Excel

This post covers everything you need to know about finding, fixing and preventing the #NAME? errors in Excel.

Percentage Change

How to Calculate Percent Change in Excel [Formula]

This tutorial shows you how to calculate percentage change between numbers, columns, rows as well as percentage increase and decrease in Excel.

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How to Add Leading Zeros in Excel

This tutorial covers the different methods to add or keep leading zeros as well as remove leading zeros in Excel.

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How to Use Less Than or Equal to Operator in Excel

You can use the ‘less than or equal to (<=)’ operator with text, date, and number as well as with Excel functions to compare values in Excel.

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How to Convert an Excel File to Google Sheets

You can convert Excel files to Google Sheets by importing an Excel file, by opening it in Google Drive, or while uploading to Google Drive.

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How to Use Excel Match Function

You can use the Excel MATCH function to find the relative position of a specific value in a range of cells or an array.


How to Add in Excel

You can add numbers, cells, ranges, columns, and rows in Excel using formulas, functions, AutoSum feature, and using Paste Special feature.

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How to Move Columns in Excel

In Excel, you can move one or multiple columns by dragging columns with a mouse button or using the CUT and PASTE method.

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How to AutoFill in Excel without Dragging

If you have thousands of cells to autofill in Excel, you can use the Fill Series tool or Name box to fill your data without dragging the fill handle.

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What does Clicking and Dragging the Fill Handle in Excel do?

The fill handle copies the same values, formulas, or fills a series of dates, texts, numbers, and other data to a desired number of cells.

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How to Find Circular References in Excel

One of the most common error warnings users encounter in Excel is the ‘Circular Reference’. Thousands of users have the…

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How to Delete Empty Rows in Excel

Simple ways you can use to delete empty rows in Excel spreadsheets in one go

Sort alphabetically in Excel

How to Alphabetize in Excel

This guide will show you how to alphabetize in Excel using the Sort and Filter feature, and formulas to arrange and format the data in order.

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How to Unprotect an Excel Sheet or Workbook With or Without Password

Password protection in Microsoft Excel is often used in workplaces to protect important data. Microsoft Excel allows users to protect…

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How to Separate Names in Excel

In Excel, it is very easy to split first, middle, and last names that appear in the same column into separate columns by using different ways.

What If Analysis

How to Use Goal Seek in Excel

Goal Seek is one of Excel’s What-if Analysis tools that helps you to find the correct input value of a…

JSON to Excel

How to Convert Json to Excel

If you have data stored in a JSON file that you would like to convert into an Excel file, you can import it into Excel using Power Query.