Unable to download the iOS 12 Beta 5 on your iPhone? Fret not. You’re not alone. Many users have reported issues trying to update their iPhone to the latest beta. Neither the OTA update system is working, nor iTunes is letting users install the update using IPSW firmware file.

When trying to update through the settings, the device keeps throwing “Unable to Check for Update” error. And somehow iTunes has also begun acting up when trying to install the iOS 12 Beta 5 through IPSW firmware. It gives the following error: “To update your iPhone to iOS 12.0, you need to install the latest version of iTunes.”

Thankfully, there’s a fix.

If you’ve got a Mac, install Xcode 10 Beta 5 on your system and iTunes will function normally again. It’ll let you install the iOS 12 Beta 5 on your iPhone or iPad without any issues. You only have to install the Xcode 10 Beta 5, nothing else.

Download Xcode 10 Beta 5 (5.19 GB)

If you’re using a Windows PC, the fix is simple but takes time. You’ve to completely uninstall the iTunes 12.8 version, then restart your PC, and then install the iTunes 12.7 version. That’s it.

Once you’ve installed iTunes 12.7 on your PC, try installing the iOS 12 Beta 5 IPSW firmware on your supported iPhone or iPad. It should work as usual.