iOS 12 is one of the most refined software update for iOS devices till date. If you’re getting poor battery life on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus after installing iOS 12, the chances are the fault is in your iPhone only. It could be the installation, the apps or the aging hardware.

If you’re getting poor battery life after iOS 12, below are tips to fix the problem.

Wait for a week

If you’ve just installed iOS 12 on your iPhone 6/6 Plus, then you’re probably seeing poor battery life because your iPhone is adapting to the new software. It’s common. And happens every time a major iOS update is released.

Just wait it out for a few days. Do nothing. The battery backup will get better on its own when your iPhone is done with housekeeping work required for iOS 12.

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Check battery usage by apps

iOS 12 is big update. It comes with so many changes at the software level that chances are the apps installed on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus aren’t compatible with the new software yet, and thus causing battery drain.

To make sure it’s not apps putting your iPhone 6 to bed before lunch time, go to Settings » Battery and see the battery usage by apps report to find out any app that is unnecessarily using your iPhone’s resources.

Remove the apps which are unnecessarily using your iPhone’s battery.

If an app is important, first remove it from your iPhone and then download it right-back from the App Store. Reinstalling the app will clear its cache and that might fix the problem.

Reset it clean

If it’s not the apps, you might want to start fresh with your iPhone 6 to fix the battery drain problem on iOS 12.

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That’s all we know about fixing battery drain issue on iOS 12. If you’ve anything to add to this page, please do let us know in the comments section below.