The iOS 12 update has finally been revealed by Apple today at WWDC 2018. The new software version brings in a lot of new features, but it won’t be available officially until September 2018. So what you can do right now is get iOS 12 beta installed on your iPhone or iPad to get a taste of the new OS.

To get iOS 12 beta you’ll have to download and install the iOS 12 beta profile on your iPhone or iPad. The beta profile is available separately for developer accounts and public accounts. The iOS 12 developer beta which is releasing today will be open to those who have a developer account with Apple, while the public beta will release at some point later this month.

There are two ways to download iOS 12 developer beta. The more accessible is the beta configuration profile method, and the other is flashing the iOS 12 beta restore image via iTunes using your computer. We recommend the configuration profile method over iTunes for the ease of use as it downloads the update directly to your device.

If you don’t have a developer account, you may have to wait for the public beta to release. We have good hopes that iOS 12 public beta release date will be set around 2-4 weeks from the release of developer beta. It could be either June end or early in July.

But you can keep your devices ready to download iOS 12 public beta by installing the beta profile on your iPhone or iPad. This way you’ll get the iOS 12 update straight to your device on the day Apple releases the public beta. Just make sure that you check for the update manually from Settings » General » Software update.

If you need help regarding iOS 12 installation, feel free to ask us in the comments section below.