Status: iOS 12 jailbreak is NOT yet available.

Apple will be taking wraps off the year’s most awaited software update — iOS 12 — at WWDC 2018 on 4th June. The company will release the first iOS 12 beta at the event for app developers to try and test the new software before iOS 12 comes out in September this year.

Like every other iOS release, iOS 12 is bound to improve security and fix loopholes that allowed jailbreak on previous iOS versions. But of course that wouldn’t stop the fine folks exploiting iOS versions for years from jailbreaking iOS 12.

Apple will release the first iOS 12 developer beta on 4th June at WWDC 2018. Folks who have a developer account with Apple will be able to download the developer beta and install it on their iOS 12 compatible devices. For average users, iOS 12 public beta will be released by the end of the month of June.

Once developers have access to iOS 12, a jailbreak (probably tethered) might follow up soon. However, releasing iOS 12 jailbreak to the public might come as a challenge to developers. First thing, any jailbreak developed during the beta testing of iOS 12 could get patched in the final release when iOS 12 comes out officially in September.

We’ll be sure to update this post when Apple releases iOS 12 beta and when third-party developers or security researchers have achieved jailbreak on iOS 12. Stay tuned!