iPhone XS

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Does iPhone XS come with AirPods?

Does iPhone XS come with AirPods?

We know it’d be fascinating if Apple bundles the AirPods with iPhone XS, but that’s not how Apple works. If they have built a great product, why should the company give it to you for free? So, yes. The answer is No. iPhone XS does NOT come with...

Does iPhone XS have wireless charging?

Does iPhone XS have wireless charging?

Wireless charging is going to be standard on iPhone devices going forward. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X from 2017 had wireless charging, and the iPhone XS supports wireless charging too. The wireless charging on iPhone XS has improved in a significant way than the last year’s iPhone devices....

How to Close Apps on iPhone XS

Time needed: 1 minute. Apple has restored the swipe to close apps feature in iOS 12, which the iPhone X unabashedly removed for no obvious reason. Thankfully, the iPhone XS ships with iOS 12 so you can easily close apps by swiping up from the app switcher screen. 1. Open...

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