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Mac keyboard shortcuts

How to Restart Mac with Keyboard

Master these keyboard shortcuts to increase your productivity

How to Exit Full Screen on Mac

Learn all about using the Full Screen mode and exiting it on macOS.

How to Batch Rename Multiple Files on Mac

Batch rename on Mac makes file organization a walk in the park

How to Disconnect and Turn Off iMessage on Mac

Whether you want to disconnect iMessage on your Mac or only want to tone down the distracting notifications, read on!

How to do a Split Screen on Mac

Double the screens, double the productivity!

How to Use Quick Look in Mac

The easiest guide to using this often neglected but wonderful feature on your Mac.

How to Disable Pop-up Blocker on Mac

Sometimes you have to disable the pop-up blocker and let some pop-ups get through.

Understanding Mac Keyboard Symbols

Don’t let those cryptic symbols confuse you!

How to Disable Visual Image Search in Microsoft Edge

If you find the new visual image search feature in Microsoft Edge too taxing on your system, easily disable it.

How to Find Files of Particular Types and Extensions on Mac

Try these quick and painless methods next time you’re looking for a particular file on your Mac

How to do an Electronic Signature on Mac

You can easily sign any document on Mac using your trackpad, camera, or iPhone

How to Open 7z Files on Mac

Easily extract access compressed 7z files on your macOS device using the built-in Archive Utility tool

Mouse Cursor

How to Change Cursor Size and Color on Mac

Customize your cursor to your desired size and color on macOS devices!