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How to Enable Windows Spotlight Desktop Backgrounds in Windows 11

Personalize your desktop background with a new picture every day with Windows Spotlight in Windows 11.

How to Fix Update.exe Application Error on Windows 11

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How to Fix Application Error 0xc0000135 on Windows 11

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How to Manually Configure a VPN in Windows 11

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How to Backup Windows 11 to an External Drive

Backing up your Windows to an external drive can be rather helpful. Here’s how you can do it in Windows 11.

How is Windows 11?

To upgrade or not to upgrade, if that is the question, you’ll find your answer here.

How to Fix “This PC can’t be upgraded to this version of Windows” Error in a Windows 11 Update

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How to Use WinRAR on Windows 11

Use WinRAR to compress and decompress large files to share over the internet or simply save storage on your computer.

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How to Exit Safe Mode on Windows 11

3 simple ways to exit safe mode and return back to normal mode on your Windows 11 PC.

Unlock keyboard

How to Unlock Keyboard on Windows 11

Quickly turn off Filter Keys on your Windows 11 PC either from the Settings or Control Panel and gain back access to your keyboard.

BlueStacks Windows 11

How to Use BlueStacks on Windows 11

Install BlueStacks 5 on your Windows 11 PC and use Android apps for productivity or play your favorite mobile game on your PC.

IP Address Fix

How to Fix an IP Address Conflict in Windows 11

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Google Chrome

How to Reinstall Google Chrome

Steps to perform a clean reinstall of the browser to eradicate any issues you are facing on your Windows or macOS devices.

Video lag

How to Fix 4K Video Not Playing (Stuttering) on Windows 11

4K video too laggy to view when playing? Try one of these fixes to resolve the issue on your Windows computer and get back that buttery smooth playback.

Bluetooth Logo

How to Install or Update Intel Bluetooth Driver for Windows 11

4 simple ways to install or update Intel Bluetooth driver for your Windows 11 PC.

Microsoft Edge

How to Fix Microsoft Edge Has Stopped or Not Responding Issue in Windows 11

8 simple and easy methods to fix all that is wrong with Microsoft Edge on your Windows 11 PC.

Mouse acceleration

How to Turn Off Mouse Acceleration in Windows 11

Disable mouse acceleration to improve in-game accuracy, or to master that latest artwork you are working on.

How to Fix Windows 11 Installation Has Failed Problem

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8 Ways to Fix Snipping Tool Not Working in Windows 11

Use these 8 simple and easy to follow methods to resolve the issue of the Snipping Tool not working on your Windows 11 PC.

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How to Fix it When Windows 11 is Stuck on Restarting

Boot your PC in Safe Mode and try these 5 fixes to spiral out of the infinite restart loop on your Windows 11 computer.

Disable Notifications Computer

How to Turn Off ‘Suggested’ Notifications in Windows 11

Irritated by the ‘Suggested’ notifications on your Windows 11 PC? Turn it off from the Settings and save yourself from the annoyance.

Computer Hibernation

How to Disable Hibernation in Windows 11

Easily disable the ‘Hibernate’ option on your Windows 11 device using these 3 simple methods.