Anonymous User

How to View Instagram Stories Anonymously using Chrome

Don’t want the other person to know you have seen their Instagram stories? Use the Hiddengram Chrome extension and view anyone’s story completely anonymously.


What is the TikTok NFT?

NFTs are now spilling into the mainstream media and TikTok wants some of the action.

NFT Computer

What is NFT on Twitter?

The two worlds of centralized and decentralized apps might collide soon as Twitter promises a new feature to flaunt your NFT collection.


How to Change your Username on Reddit

Recently joined Reddit and a username was automatically selected for you? Learn how to change it quickly and easily from any device and wear your username as a badge of honor across Reddit.

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Top 27 Most Used Emojis on the Internet

Some surprises may await!


How to Post Multiple Photos on Instagram from your iPhone

Instagram has completely changed the photo-sharing experience for the entire human race. Not even the founders of Instagram could ever…


How to Enable Two Factor Authentication on your Instagram Account

Protect your Instagram account from hacks with an additional layer of security

Social Media Tracker

How to Track Someone on Instagram using Snoopreport

Here’s a clever way to “stalk” people on Instagram

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How to Add a Song to an Instagram Story

Music has its way of making every story better

How to Get Rainbow Story on Instagram

Let your Instagram story wear the rainbow ring with pride!

How to Repost a Story on Instagram

Show how much you love something by reposting it!

Instagram Feed

How to Mute or Unmute Someone on Instagram

Mute the nonsense and unmute sense


How to Turn Off DMs on Instagram

Let them DM you, but don’t let the annoying notifications slide in

Instagram Block Profile

How to Block Someone on Instagram

Go on, block them. You don’t need such negativity in your life


How to Install Skype on Ubuntu 20.04

Quick guide to install Skype from command line on Ubuntu 20.04

Gmail Auto Advance

How to Enable ‘Auto-advance’ in Gmail to Quickly Go Through your Emails

Save time while reading your mails in Gmail.

WhatsApp Dark Mode

How to Enable or Disable Dark Mode in WhatsApp on iPhone

iOS 13 update brought the ‘Dark Mode’ feature to iPhone. Now, after five months of the release of iOS 13,…

Some of your media failed to upload

How to Fix “Some of your media failed to upload” Error on Twitter

All Twitter wants is a safe place for you and everyone else.

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How to Create a New Instagram Business Account

Turn your followers into potential customers with Instagram’s business account.

How to Save Posts / Photos on Instagram, and Add to a Collection

There’s no need to take multiple screenshots of a post on Instagram to view it later. Save it to a collection instead!

Pikaso Tweet Shot

Use Pikaso to Take that Perfect Screenshot of a Tweet

Take the perfect Instagram-worthy Tweet shot every time.

Deleting a retweet from Twitter

How to Delete a Retweet from Twitter

Did you accidentally retweeted something that you do not want your Twitter followers to see? Well, you won’t find a…

How to Quickly Turn Off Dark Mode in Instagram on iPhone

Instagram has added support for Dark Mode in the latest update for iPhone. However, there’s no toggle switch to enable…