Chrome Extensions


How to Get a Custom Cursor in Chrome

Leave the monotony behind and shake things up with custom cursors.

How to Use Bitmoji Chrome Extension

You can easily add the Bitmoji extension to Chrome, but you will have to download the mobile app to sign up on the platform.

Mail read

How to Use Email Tracker Chrome Extension

Have you ever sent a mail to someone and wondered if they have opened it or not? By default, no…

Online Shopping

How to Use OctoShop to get the Best Deals Online

Easily compare and track product prices on different websites with OctoShop

Online Watch Party

How to Use Teleparty to Watch Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Together with Friends

Have virtual watch parties with Teleparty

Screen Recording

How to Record Google Meet using Screencastify

Record your work meetings and online classes on Google Meet

Bulk Add Members in Microsoft Teams

How to Bulk Add Members in Microsoft Teams using ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ Extension or Windows PowerShell

Create large teams effortlessly with ‘Refined Microsoft Teams’ extension for Teams web app, or use the Windows PowerShell method.

Waiting Room in Google Meet

How to Use Google Meet Waiting Room Extension for Chrome

Enable a waiting room for attendees so they can’t join a meeting until the host joins

How to Download Microsoft Editor Extension for Chrome and Edge

Grammar proof your English across the web

Motion Chrome

How to Intelligently Block Websites in Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Block distracting websites the most practical way

LastPass Password Sharing

How to Securely Share your Passwords using LastPass

This is the safe way to share your Netflix password with siblings and friends!

Make Emails Stand Out

Make Your Emails Stand Out With Formatted Subject Lines in Gmail

Everyone receives tonnes of emails every day and it is a fact that no one opens every single email in…