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Siri Voice Assistant

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Alarm Clock

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Alarm Clock

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Best Headphones with Alexa and Google Assistant Support

With Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant competing neck-to-neck with each other to provide the best virtual assistance, the market for AI-integrated wireless headphones is not far behind. With these technology-enabled devices, you can completely control your music without even opening your phone. Use your voice to receive notifications, cue music, curate calendar events, and even

Apple Store gets Siri Shortcuts support, lets you “Hey Siri” to pre-order your next iPhone

The Apple Store app is receiving an update to version 5.1.1 with support for Siri Shortcuts. It lets iPhone Upgrade Program members…

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Apple has finally released the Siri Shortcuts app as a beta version to iOS 12 users. The app was first…

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At WWDC 2018, Apple announced great new improvements to Siri. Although, it’s still no match for Google Assistant’s crazy AI abilities…